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Sonoff Wifi Switches – Flashing it with Tasmota Over-The-Air (OTA)

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Sonoff switches – affordable, easy to use AND RE-programmable ! [Thanks Cliff ;-)] I got the Sonoff Dual switch, which allows you to switch 2 separate appliances/devices from 1 Wifi switch…. Continue Reading → and Hassio – The best and easiest Home Automation tools to get going !

I’ve played with some home automation stuff on my Raspberry Pi in the past, but setting up the stuff was always a bit involved and I would loose interest somewhere down the line. This meant I’ve always had good intentions,… Continue Reading →

How to get telnet onto MacOS High Sierra

Sometimes you just want to drop into a terminal window and test some “stuff”. If you are running MacOS High Sierra (10.13), you may notice that telnet is not available as part of a standard install anymore 🙁 Well, the… Continue Reading →

Adding Porn, Fake News and Gambling blocking to PiHole

I’ve been using the RaspberryPi PiHole ad-blocking installation (see my post) quite successfully in our home environment and am very happy with it. Lately I’ve also looked at adding additional content blocking to the solution to block other content like:… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi, Homebridge, Apple & Siri

About a year ago I was playing with my Raspberry Pi, connecting it via HomeBridge to my Apple TV & iPhone. HomeBridge links of interest: This was just a proof of concept and I never posted about it… Continue Reading →

Struggling with Locales on your Raspberry Pi ? Here’s a fix !

I tend to tinker with my Raspberry Pi every now & then, but keep on running into a Locale issue. Even using the sudo raspi-config utility doesn’t seem to fix things 🙁 [btw – I’m setting the locale to en_ZA.UTF-8… Continue Reading →

Deleting your Facebook account #DELETEFACEBOOK

Used this article as a guide on how to delete my Facebook account permanently.   Quite a big step for me – although I’ve not been using FB actively the last year 🙂

Tunnelblick – free software for OpenVPN on OS X and macOS

I installed PiVPN on one of my Raspberry Pi’s at home yesterday to set up my own VPN server at home. (blog post) As PiVPN makes use of OpenVPN on the Raspberry Pi, I’ve been looking for an easy to… Continue Reading →

Running your own Home VPN Server from a Raspberry Pi (PiVPN)

I recently installed Pi-Hole as an ad-blocking service on our home network – it’s working quite well and I’m truly impressed! While on holiday recently I thought it would be quite “cool” to have VPN access to our network at… Continue Reading →

Network-wide ad-blocking using a Raspberry Pi and “Pi-hole(tm)”

Ad-blocking seems to be quite a “thing” these days and I have to say that sometimes the amount of ads on web pages just gets too much ! I do understand it’s a way to get your product noticed, but… Continue Reading →

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