GardenPi – a garden watering solution built on Raspberry Pi, MQTT and [Part 2/4]

So in GardenPi – PART 1 I covered the hardware & software configs to get going, but that’s not all yet 🙂 We now have a Raspberry Pi running MQTT and we can switch the GPIO pins by sending messages… Continue Reading →

Node-RED flow for Geyser management using Sonoff switches and Home Assistant

We have 2 geysers (for other parts in the world it’s called water heaters :-)) in our house and to save some energy (& money), we want to manage when these geysers are switched on. Typically a geyser will run… Continue Reading →

Sonoff Wifi Switches – Flashing it with Tasmota Over-The-Air (OTA)

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Sonoff switches – affordable, easy to use AND RE-programmable ! [Thanks Cliff ;-)] I got the Sonoff Dual switch, which allows you to switch 2 separate appliances/devices from 1 Wifi switch…. Continue Reading → and Hassio – The best and easiest Home Automation tools to get going !

I’ve played with some home automation stuff on my Raspberry Pi in the past, but setting up the stuff was always a bit involved and I would loose interest somewhere down the line. This meant I’ve always had good intentions,… Continue Reading →

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