A couple of years ago [in 2016] I played with the Microsoft Hyperlapse software to create some cool video effects using the Action Cam I had at that stage – you can see that post here.

Today I thought I’d have a look at the progress they’ve made on the software and found a pleasant surprise !

Although they’re [apparently] still working on the software, there is a “glitch in the system” and when you try to buy the software, you can’t !

But don’t worry – the nice people at Microsoft will provide you with a FREE key on request to them !


Easy steps:

  1. Go here to download the software
  2. Then go here to see the post from Jeff Greene and follow the instructions [just submit a request !]
  3. They will send you a key immediately !
  4. Enter your key in Hyperlapse Pro and you’re good to go !


As always – Have Fun !