A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Sonoff switches – affordable, easy to use AND RE-programmable ! [Thanks Cliff ;-)]

I got the Sonoff Dual switch, which allows you to switch 2 separate appliances/devices from 1 Wifi switch.


Anyways, to get going I decided to flash it with the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware (as I wanted to be able to pull it into my Home Assistant setup easily)

The instructions on the Tasmota-Sonoff Wiki is fairly easy to follow and although they suggest you use a wiredΒ 3.3V FTDI USB-to-Serial Converter/Programmer (or a Raspberry Pi) – I also noticed you can use Wifi to update the firmware Over-The-Air !

The tool for that is called SonOTA. [Please note not all Sonoff switches may support this – so make sure you have a supported Sonoff Firmware version BEFORE you try to flash with SonOTA)

There are a couple of ways to get SonOTA working:

  1. Using the Windows pre-built .EXE (you can find it here)
    1. I used this as a 1st pass for the 1st Sonoff Dual switch I flashed with the firmware
    2. This is a quick & dirty way – but it CAN work & there’s nothing wrong with this πŸ™‚
  2. Installing the SonOTA software on your machine & customising it as you need (this involves installing Python 3, etc. on your local machine)
    1. Here you can customise some of the setting beforehand
    2. I left all vanilla & it still worked fine πŸ™‚

Once you have SonOTA on your machine, you can run it and follow the instructions on-screen.

The process involves:

  1. Running SonOTA (./sonota.py)
  2. Confirming the configuration of you local machine to ensure you have all the required bits in place
  3. Putting your Sonoff in Access Point (AP) mode [holding the button in for more than 7 seconds] and then connecting to the ITEAD-* wifi network
  4. Installing a small base firmware uploader
  5. The Sonoff will then connect to you local machine to get the actual firmware installed
  6. Just be patient and things will happen πŸ™‚
  7. Once installed, you will go into “FinalStage” mode
    1. Here you connect to the Sonoff [wifi now called FinalStage] and configure it to be able to connect to your wifi network
    2. Once configured, it will reboot and join your wifi
  8. Then you have to check your router /DHCP server to make sure your Sonoff’s IP address gets reserved (to make sure it doesn’t change on power loss / reboot)

Upgrading your Sonoff to the latest Tasmota Firmware

The SonOTA tool flashes a version of Tasmota which may be outdated (you CAN update the config manually, but why worry ? :-))

So once you have your Sonoff on your wifi network, you can connect directly to it and select the “Firmware Upgrade” option


Get the latest Sonoff-Tasmota firmware release here [select the .bin version which is applicable to you, normally just sonoff.bin]

Upload it and wait for the Sonoff to reboot with the latest version.

Great – Now you’re SET !

Next steps:

  1. Connect your Sonoff to the device / devices you want to control & get going !
  2. Integrate into Home Assitant

Have fun !